Comic book route, Comic Museum and Tintin

Comic book route, Comic Museum and Tintin
Pic by James Cridland | Flickr
Europe - Belgium - Brussels
Web: Comic book route
Downtown Brussels

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The route of the comic strips walls is an itinerary that allows us to visit the most iconic comic strip murals in Brussels, located in different streets of the city. The idea came in 1991 when they decided to reform some walls in the Belgian capital because of their poor condition.
Currently the route is made up of more than 40 murals with works of great artists featuring drawings of Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke among others. Moreover, Brussels has the Comic Museum and the Hergé Museum, the creator of Tintin comics, plus specialty shops. Another place that is often decorated with comic strip characters is the metro's interior as it is often filled with artists’ drawings.


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