Golden Lane and Prague Castle

Golden Lane and Prague Castle
Pic by Studiobarcelona |
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

Gouden Straatje, Prague 1-Hradčany, Czech Republic
50°5'30.5628"N 14°24'13.798"E
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If you do head up to Prague Castle (and it is highly recommended to do so early in the morning), be sure to pay a visit to the armory in Golden Lane. This ancient street is home to many old-fashioned buildings, but the armory is by far the largest and most unique of them all. The three-story exhibition showcases exactly what humans have been wearing into battle for thousands of years, and it wasn’t always that fashionable. Featuring costumes with everything from enormous groin-guards to a man dressed as an eagle, if these don’t have you doubled up in laughter, nothing else will. Once you’ve recovered, you can also try your hand at shooting with some medieval weapons..


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