Konopiste Castle

Konopiste Castle
Pic by Zdeněk Matyáš | Dreamstime.com
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

The Konopiste Castle, Benešov, Czech Republic
49°46'46.3"N 14°39'23.7"E
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South of Prague lies the 17th-century Konopiste castle that Archduke Franz Ferdinand turned into his personal hunting lodge in 1887. The heir to the Habsburg throne used the lodge extensively until his assassination in 1914, assembling what is today the largest collection of mounted animals in Europe. Hunting trophies fill the castle and include wild boars, birds of prey and hundreds of antlers. The lodge boasts a fine collection of Meissen porcelain as well. The castle moat is home to two live bears, and peacocks and other fowl roam the estates beautifully manicured gardens.


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