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Budapest is one of the European destinations that you can't miss. The country of the Magyars has the beauty of other cities such as Vienna or Zurich but, at the same time, a day and nightlifes enviable by many other cities of cold winters. The city is the result of the merger of Buda and Pest, two cities divided by the Danube River, which joined in 1873.The story that accompanies Budapest, and in general, all of Hungary,... is very intense and interesting. For centuries it was one of the richest areas in Europe and the country has been conquered by Turks, Magyars, Austrian... It was dominated by the Habsburg rulers and even lived the communism in Eastern Europe! . Its controversial journey over the years has left behind a fantastic and varied architecture, influenced by different cultures and political moments. It's easy to find a communist building next to a prevailing aristocratic house. This diversity and constant contact of budapenses and Hungarians in general with other cultures has also forged their personality. Hungarians are generally friendly and respectful, but also reserved. Today it's a city that offers great attractions for tourists at all levels: gastronomic, architectural, cultural and at a street level.
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