Pic by Jiri Marak | Dreamstime.com
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

Vyšehrad, Prague 2, Czech Republic
50°3'51.8976''N 14°25'12.0864''
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Yes, everybody raves about Prague Castle, but do you ever hear people talking about Vyšehrad? This 10th-century fort is located just three metro stops from the main station, or you can take a leisurely walk westwards along the river. Surrounded by a beautiful walled garden, Vyšehrad is just waiting to be explored. This hidden gem provides a spectacular view across both the city and the river, all the while boasting a cemetery, which houses the remains of composers Dvořák and Smetana, as well as Prague’s oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St. Martin. If The Secret Garden was set in Central Europe, this would be where. With tiny alleyways leading down to the river and immaculately cobbled streets, this place is really worth a couple of hours of your time.


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