The Bohemian Paradise

The Bohemian Paradise
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Europe - Czech Republic - Prague
Web: Association of Czech Paradise
The Bohemian Paradise, A. Dvořáka 335, 511 01 Turnov, Czech Republic
50°35'12.0"N 15°09'26.3"E
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In Eastern Bohemia, the spectacular Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) is a natural area characterized by numerous unique rock formations, splendid old castles, and countless historical buildings. Declared a UNESCO Geopark in 2005, this area of outstanding natural beauty is famed for its many sandstone hills and natural bridges, as well as its tall basalt columns and outcroppings, all of which draw sightseers from across Europe. A highlight of a visit is exploring the park's 180 square kilometers via its superb network of hiking trails, or if you're more inclined to drive, you can take any one of its pretty scenic driving routes, including those that travel past its superb old fortresses such as Trosky and Kost castles. A good place to begin your exploration of the area is from the historic town of Turnov, notable for its fine old churches and architecture.


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