Josefov, the Jewish Quarter

Josefov, the Jewish Quarter
Pic by Richard Van Der Woude |
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

Jewish Quarter, U Staré školy, Prague-Old Town, Czech Republic
50°05'24.1"N 14°25'04.9"E
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Now earily quiet, Prague’s Jewish Quarter is a remarkably well-preserved district that is now home to six synagogues, a cemetery, and a large museum. Word has it that Hitler wanted this area kept free from destruction, in order to use as a large museum after his annihilation of the Jewish people, to show future Germans how the Jewish people lived. All but one of the synagogues, the cemetery and the exhibitions are tied together making up one large museum, so it’s worth purchasing a ticket if you’re likely to visit all of them. If not, the area is still fascinating to look around, and they also do excellent, traditional Jewish food.


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