Castle Karlstejn

Castle Karlstejn
Pic by © Locha79 |
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

Hrad Karlštejn, Karlštejn, Czech Republic
49°56'22.2"N 14°11'17.0"E
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Once the summer residence for Charles IV, Karlstejn castle is an easy day trip from Prague, which makes it a convenient and popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. The trek up to the hilltop fortress offer gorgeous views of its towers and turrets as well as the pretty town below. Inside, the castle’s star attraction is the Chapel of the Holy Cross where the king’s jewels were housed. Although the castle has been completely restored to its original medieval state, most rooms are off limits to the general public. The castle’s storybook façade, however, makes Karlstejn well worth a visit.


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