Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks

Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks
Pic by Vladimir Vinogradov |
Europe - Czech Republic - Prague

Czech Republic
50°54'52.3"N 14°16'52.2"E
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Two national parks, one in the Czech Republic and one in the eastern German state of Saxony, protect the vast, scenic region along the Elbe River. Towering above the Elbe are huge sandstone pillars, carved by wind and water into fantastic shapes. A network of hiking trails through the forested hills reveal waterfalls, viewpoints, and deep gorges. The highlight of the Saxon park is the Bastei Bridge, a 76-meter high stone arched bridge that connects the rock formations. You can walk across to stand on the summit of an eroded cliff and look straight down onto the Elbe River. The Pravcicka Brana is the biggest sandstone arch in Europe and the symbol of the Czech national park. The Kamnitz (Kamenice) River has carved a dramatic narrow gorge, which you can travel through in a small boat.


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