Grutas da Sao Vicente

Grutas da Sao Vicente
Europe - Portugal - Madeira
Web: Grutas e Centro do Vulcanismo
Sítio do Pé do Passo, 9240-039 São Vicente, Portugal
32°47'51.9"N 17°02'33.2"W
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Sao Vicente caves are another volcanic must-see attraction in the island. They were created by a volcanic eruption about 890.000 years ago and they have been perfectly preserved until now. A tour in the caves takes around half an hour and you’ll see many lighten passages full of stunning rock formations and beautiful natural swimming pools with clear waters. The caves are divided into 3 galleries. The most faous is Lago dos Desejos, because there you can see many stalactites and lava accumulation, it is definetely a must-see attraction if you are a nature lover.


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