Pico de Arieiro

Pico de Arieiro
Pic by Vitaly Fedotov | Dreamstime
Europe - Portugal - Madeira

Pico de Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal
32°44'09.8"N 16°55'43.9"W
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Arieiro’s peak is the third highest peak in Madeira but the highest you can have access by car. From there go out the routes to the Ruvio Peak, the highest of the island.

The best of this place is its views without any doubt. To go there you just need a car and a good jacket in case you’d be cold on the top. The place is breathetaking doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or foggy, the intense green mountains and valleys are a real wonder. You can end a perfect day drinking a hot chocolate in the bar on top after taking photos.


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