Cámara de Lobos

Cámara de Lobos
Pic by Paulgrecaud | Dreamstime
Europe - Portugal - Madeira
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Cámara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal
32°39'40.9"N 16°59'10.0"W
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“Cámara de Lobos” is a traditional fishing village in the island. One day it was very important and symbolic and nowadays you can still smell that naval environment, specially in the morning when fishermen come back with the fresh fish. The village receives this name because in the past there was a seal colony in the port of the city. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can still see one of them. The port of the “Cámara de Lobos” has also something very charming: the colourful boats, which seem to be taken from a fairy tail book. 

Despite Cámara de Lobos got famous for being the holiday place of Winston Churchill, what nowadays attracts the most the tourists is the Cabo Girao, one of the highest cliffs of Europe with an amazing viewpoint on top (you can get there by funicular). To go up there is a must-see attraction if you are planning a trip to the island (if you aren’t afraid of it).


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