Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz
Pic by Martinmates | Dreamstime
Europe - Portugal - Madeira
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Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal
32°52'00.1"N 17°10'15.1"W
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Porto Moniz is one of the emblems of the island and it is a village surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It is probably the region with the best weather in the island, and also an ideal place to enjoy a bath in the Atlantic. The famous natural swimmingpools Piscinas de Poro Moniz are a very attractive spot for the tourists. They are located in a volcanic area of the coast and you can swim there whenever you want to. The entry costs 1,50€ and it is very worth to visit. You can access there with your own food but if you don’t have it, there is a bar where you can buy sandwiches or some burgers. You can’t miss the viewpoint “Mirador de la Cascada del velo de la Novia (Véu da noiva)” in the road which leads to Sao Vicente.


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