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Europe - Portugal - Madeira

Machico, Madeira, Portugal.
32°43'52.1"N 16°47'25.9"W
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Machico is a small city in Madeira known for its cultural patrimony and for being one of the few areas where you can find a sand beach. Some of the attractions you can visit are the Matriz Church (XV century), the Casa de Capela, the Sao Roque fontain and Fuertes de Nossa Senhora do Amparo from the XVII century. In Machico, it is also very interesting to go across some of its surrounding paths from where you can admire amazing views, overall from Miradouro do Pico do Facho or el Miradouro do Senhor dos Milagres ou da Queimada. And if you like the topic, you can also visit the Whale Museum, it is very nice because in the past the main activity of the island was the whale fishing. You can’t miss a walk and a bath (if you still have time) in the Praia de Banda Além, one of the few sand beaches of the island.


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