Santa Justa Lift

Santa Justa Lift
Pic by Artur Bogacki |
Europe - Portugal - Lisbon
Web: Transportes Lisboa
Rua do Ouro,1150-060 Lisboa, Portugal
38°42'43.6"N 9°08'21.8"W
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The Santa Justa Lift has become another symbol of Lisbon together with the yellow trams. This amazing lift was built as a transportation option to communicate in a very quick way the La Baixa neighbourhood with the Barrio Alto and to save to the visitors and the local people the effort to climb up every day. Nowadays it is more a touristic attraction but it keeps being a real transportation option. It has a size of 45 metres high and its metal structure reminds a bit the Eiffel Tower. The top part is a viewpoint, but to arrive to it, you have to climb the spiral stairs, not an option if you suffer from vertigo. The views from it are spectacular.


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