Alfama Neighborhood

Alfama Neighborhood
Pic by Juan Moyano |
Europe - Portugal - Lisbon

1100-345 Alfama, Lisboa, Portugal
38°42'40.7"N 9°07'40.0"W
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Alfama is one of the oldest neighborhood and most beautiful of Lisbon. This district is just next to the river, next to the San George castle. It was the home of the fishermen of Lisbon and its narrow streets hide many colourful mosaics and houses. While you walk through these streets it is usual to hear some fado or the laughs between the neighbours. Alfama is like a small village integrated inside the city. In this area you will find some of the best viewpoints of Lisbon, the Mirador de Portas do Sol and the Mirador de Santa Lucía, and also some of the most beautiful monuments like the Pantéon Nacional, the Catedral de Lisboa, the Castillo de San Jorge or the Casa dos Bicos. Also, on Saturdays and Tuesdays you’ll find the celebration of la Feira da Ladra, a market full of treasures.


A good way to discover a part of Alfama is through the tram (28) because it crosses some of the main streets of the neighbourhood.


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