River Oaks

River Oaks
Pic by Matthew Rutledge | Flickr
North America - United States of America - Houston

River Oaks, Texas, United States of America
32°46'25.6"N 97°23'56.2"W
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The River Oak is the neighbor of the rich people in Houston. The mansions there are jaw dropping and it’s because of this that the district has become another tourist destination. Houston, and Texas overall, is the land of oil and there are many tycoons who dedicate their lives to this business of black gold. River oak is the richest and also the most expensive area in Texas, and is among the ten most expensive neighborhoods in the United States. The real-estate values reach over almost unimaginable amounts, only at a fews reach. In the community there is a golf course, theaters, green areas, shops and private clubs, among other things.


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