Clear Lake Bay Area

Clear Lake Bay Area
Pic by Angela Brackin | Dreamstime
North America - United States of America - Houston

Clear Lake, Texas, United States of America
29°33'24.8"N 95°03'45.9"W
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Less than half an hour away from the downtown area of Houston there is the area of the Crystal Clear Lake Bay, Seabrook and Kemah. This area is on the shore of the Galveston bay among other things, and it’s really popular because of the seafood restaurants and the water activities that are organized. It’s better if you let yourself be guided by the locals when you eat seafood and to check the schedules and fees for water activities, so you don’t get any surprises.

The area is also close to the Johnson special center of the NASA and the Armand Bayou Nature Center; and it’s the reason why so many tourists come close to this part of the city.


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