JPMorgan Chase Tower

JPMorgan Chase Tower
Pic by Agsftw (Own work)
North America - United States of America - Houston
Web: Chase Tower
600 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002, United States of America
29°45'38.1"N 95°21'50.4"W
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The JPMorgan Chase Tower is the highest skyscraper in Houston and all over Texas. It’s over 300 meters tall and has 75 floors, and a fun fact is that it has 5 sides, which makes it the tallest 5 sided building in the world. Another fun fact is that in the JPMorgan is connected with an underground tunnel system and with other buildings in the city –over 25- so the visitors can move through an air conditioned space without having to handle the high temperatures of the summer.

In the 60th floor there’s a free lookout, and it’s probably the reason why there’s always people on the deck. It is worth it to take the high-speed elevators to admire the landscape of the city of Houston… the views are incredible, mostly during the sunsets.


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