Museum District

Museum District
Pic by Hequals2henry - Own work
North America - United States of America - Houston
Web: Houston Museum District
Museum District, Houston, TX, United States of America
29°43'21.1"N 95°23'18.1"W
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The museum district is one of the most known in Houston. The city of Texas is famous, among other things, because of its cultural offer, and it’s no surprise: it has a district full of museums –in fact, 19- with very interesting exhibitions for every audience. Some of them are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Holocaust Museum, the Natural Sciences’ Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Health Museum and one of the most curious, the National Museum of Funeral History, among others. If you have a phone with free calls inside the United States, we recommend you to take it with you during your visit, as it will help as a guide.

The area includes the Hermann Park, one of the greenest areas integrated in the city, where the locals go a lot. They even have grills and have barbeques! The park is nice and it allows you to have a nice walk to stretch your legs.


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