Neighbourhood Liberdade

Neighbourhood Liberdade
Pic by Edu Alpendre - Flickr
South America - Brazil - São Paulo

Liberdade, São Paulo, Brazil
23°33'43.1"S 46°38'19.7"W
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Brazil is a country with a very interesting cultural mix. Several communities from different countries live together in São Paulo and one of the communities that has taken root the most in the city is the Japanese. The Barrio Liberdades is the nest of many families of Japanese origin and is undoubtedly a neighborhood that offers a very different scenario to the rest of the city. Liberdades is a picturesque place and a bit decadent, very interesting to explore if you like this kind of environments. Little by little, families of Chinese origin have also been accommodating, so it is a neighborhood with Asian overtones. The products sold in most shops are typical of China or Japan, as well as the dishes served in restaurants or bars and, although at first glance it may seem an unsafe place, but it isn’t not. Just take care of your things as in many other cities. One recommendation is to visit early, as the shops and restaurants close earlier than in other places of São Paulo.


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