Pinacoteca do Estado

Pinacoteca do Estado
Pic by Aurelio Scetta | Dreamstime
South America - Brazil - São Paulo
Web: Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
Praça da Luz, 2 - Luz, São Paulo - SP,01120-010, Brasil
23°32'03.5"S 46°38'02.4"W
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The Pinacoteca do Estado is one of São Paulo's most renowned museums. Within its walls there is a wide collection of Brazilian art and it gives an overview of Brazil's cultural and visual history. Most of the works are by Brazilian artists or related to Brazilian culture. It is an interesting museum with spaces for production, education and social inclusion with exhibitions adapted for blind or disabled people.
The museum has a very nice café to rest in and it is also connected with Parque da Luz, one of the city's most beautiful parks. There are sculptures scattered across the green area and the garden has a European feel to it.


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