Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena
Pic by Danilo Vitoriano | Flickr
South America - Brazil - São Paulo

R. Madalena - Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
23°33'09.4"S 46°41'14.5"W
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Vila Madalena is the bohemian and more artistic neighborhood of São Paulo. It is full of very innovative art galleries, shops, bars, restaurants, bookstores and small businesses of emerging artisans. The nightlife in this part of the city does not rest and, of course, one of the rhythms that sound the most is the Samba.

There is no shortage of street performers painted on the walls of most of the neighborhood and, almost always, in every corner, there are groups of friends or couples chatting happily. It is a good place to have a beer at a good price in a different environment and certainly a very good excuse to hear what is happening among the alternatives or emerging trends in the city.


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