Samba and markets in São Paulo

Samba and markets in São Paulo
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South America - Brazil - São Paulo

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Samba is the dance par excellence of Brazil and you can't leave any of their cities without stepping on the dance floor. It is very common for locals to gather on Saturdays at any store to listen and dance Samba with live music. They also tend to accompany it with traditional Brazilian food -the feijoada is really known - and, of course, a caipirinha to enjoy life. Still, Samba is not only heard on Saturday. Throughout the city, every day, there's always somewhere to dance until dawn.

Another of the best activities to do on Saturdays in São Paulo is to go to outdoor markets. One of the best known among locals is the market "Calixto", organized in Benedito Calixto Square from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. In the market, there are stalls of antiques and craft products everywhere and there is a tradition after eating, that some play music in the background while others dance accompanied by the aroma of Brazilian food stalls. Normally Chorinho, a mix of Samba influenced by other sounds is played.

Another one of the most interesting markets you can't miss if you go to São Paulo, is the municipal market organized in the city center. One of its main attractions is the building that houses it, with its neoclassical style and stained-glass windows that add magic to the place thanks to the light. The number of different products sold in this market is infinite and is a very good place to jump into the Brazilian culture. And, to complete the list, another popular market in São Paulo is the CEASA, the largest market in Latin America. Easy to say! In this market they sell basically everything, but it's a bit far from the city center so it is advisable to go by taxi.  

If you can't go to any of these markets, don't worry. On Sunday, in the Plaza of the Republic of São Paulo, more farmers and artisans gather to sell their countryside and art relics. One of the strengths of this market is that they set up tables where you can drink and listen to live music.

An important note is that, as in all markets of any city, it is important to watch your belongings. If you are careful, then fun and distraction are assured.


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