Botanical Garden of São Paulo

Botanical Garden of São Paulo
Pic by Filipe Frazao | Dreamstime
South America - Brazil - São Paulo

Av. Miguel Estefno, 3687 - Vila Água Funda, São Paulo - SP,04301-902, Brazil
23°38'28.5"S 46°37'37.0"W
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The Botanical Garden of São Paulo has more than 45,000 flowers and trees spread over a very large area within the city. It is a place cut off from the noise of cars where many couples or families take the opportunity to spend their free time or organize picnics. In the garden there are several greenhouses with flowers and plants of all kinds but an entrance fee must be paid to enter this area, but it's worth it. Undoubtedly, spring and summer are the best times to visit this garden, although it's amazing in winter or autumn too. To get to this corner of the city it's recommended to ask for a taxi from the hotel, because public transport does not communicate too well within the area. And another important thing is that, if you visit the garden, you can not forget two things: a camera, to photograph every detail, and mosquito repellent, just in case.


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