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North America - United States of America - New York

Chinatown, New York, NY, United States
40°42'56.4"N 73°59'49.9"W
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Chinatown is located among Broadway, St, Worth St, Rutger St and Hester St, in south Manhattan. Like all other immigrants, Chinese people arrived to the United States attracted by the "American dream" and the range of possibilities that were opened. 
Accustomed to living in ghettos, the Chinese community has grown to become the largest ethnic group in New York and most of them live in Chinatown. Some time ago this area was considered one of the most dangerous ones in the city, but now it's a landmark and the destination of thousands of tourists looking for counterfeits and bargain prices. Among the most popular products are the famous Rolex watches, handbags and perfumes of all brands. Most of the stores have their signs written in Chinese and, incredibly, a large portion of the Chinese population in the neighborhood understands very little English. So going to Chinatown is a double experience blending US traditions and culture with China's.


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