Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in New York

New Year’s Eve

NY new year's eve party has become one of the most famous events in the city and worldwide. There are thousands of people that go to Times Square to celebrate the last night of the year and the start of the next one, watching the famous clock that marks the last seconds of the year. The highlight of the celebration is the "Times Square Ball Drop", the giant ball that descends from one of the buildings, filled with tons of confetti that flood the square when it bursts.

September 11 commemoration

September 11 is a sad and important date in New York and in the United States as a whole. Since 2001, the attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers where thousands of people died are commemorated. The main events are held in the Memorial that was built on the site where the two towers used to be, represented by two fountains with the names of the victims carved in stone. From a few days before 11-S every night lights are projected into the sky from the World Trade Center, recreating the way the two towers were.

Lighting of the Tree at the Rockefeller Center

The first Wednesday after thanksgiving, traditional lighting up of a giant tree takes place in front of the Rockefeller center in New York. The lighting of the tree announces the start of the Christmas season and it's celebrated with a big party full of concerts and shows. The event's broadcasted on television as no one wants to miss the light show of more than 25,000 colored bulbs.

New York Marathon

New York Marathon has become an essential event for lovers of running and it's an indisputable challenge for many people who come each year to the city to surpass themselves at a sporting level. The 42 km race through the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city turns this tour into much more than a sporting event. Inscriptions ran out months ahead of the race's actual date and to cross the finishing line is something that many regard as an experience that must be lived at least once in a lifetime.

Independence Day

On July 4, independence day is celebrated throughout the United States. In New York, this is celebrated with the traditional fireworks sponsored by Macy's stores. Since 2014, the fireworks are launched from several bridges at the East River and can be seen from the docks of Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. You have to be foresighted in order to get a good location to watch the show and go very early in the morning to choose the place with the best views as millions of people will do the same thing to watch this amazing show.

Chinese New Year

Each year, in the notorious Chinatown district, south of Manhattan,  the famous Chinese New Year celebration is held. It's already become a tradition in New York because of the large number of population from the PRC. For a few days, the streets of this popular district are filled with red lanterns and dancing dragons. A fun and exotic party open to everyone.


The traditional Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the United States the last Thursday of November to give thanks for the good crops of the year. Families and groups of friends celebrate this day by going to the house of one of their relatives and enjoying a great dinner of stuffed turkey and pastries. In New York it's also celebrated with the famous Macy's parade, in which dozens of giant balloons called "falloons" flood the city streets. This day also kicks off the Christmas season for nearly all stores in the US and it's known as Black Friday: stores all over the country have amazing discounts and promotions in their products prices and tons of costumers go out to buy them.

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