Wall Street

Wall Street
Pic by Art2002 | Dreamstime
North America - United States of America - New York

Wall St, New York, NY 10005, United States
40°42'27.4"N 74°00'42.3"W
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In lower Manhattan you'll find Wall Street, aka NY financial district. This is a very interesting area because there are huge skyscrapers -most from bank's international headquarters- with historical and influential buildings in the economic history of the city such as the New York Stock Exchange building, Trinity Church or Federal Hall and the first United States Capitol. In addition, there's the famous Wall St sculpture  of a bull.
As said, it's the financial district and one of the most common activities in this Big Apple area is investing in the stock market. The New York Stock Market can be visited and it's a really curious thing to see. In addition, the district's atmosphere often goes along with suits, high heels and ties. It makes tourists feel stuck in the middle of a movie. From Wall Street neighborhood you can easily go to Battery Park or 9/11 Memorial.


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