Navigli District

Navigli District
Pic by Mihai-bogdan Lazar | Dreamstime
Europe - Italy - Milan

Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, Milan, Italy
45°27'00.9"N 9°10'39.4"E
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If we talk about Italy’s canals, Milan’s probably not the first Italian city that comes to mind, but Milan also has its own Canals: the Navigli and the Pavese. These two Canals, the Naviglio Grande and the Pavese, were built with the intention to communicate the city with the sea. For many years, they were used to transport goods but currently they’re merely decorative. It’s important to say that it was thanks to Leonardo da Vinci, who turned these canals into something very useful for a reason: the stones to build the Duomo got there by boat.

This is a perfect zone to visit during sunset and enjoy a typical Milanese snack. In the Naviglio Grande you can find countless restaurants, the Church of San Cristoforo and the Alley of the Washerwomen, a corner where the women gathered to wash clothes. Plus, the last Sunday of every month there’s a precious antique market. In the Navigliio Pavese you’ll find many restaurants and terraces where you can spend the afternoon. Plus, it’s Milan’s most active night life zone.


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