Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Milan

Feast of Saint Ambrose

The Feast of Saint Ambrose is celebrated every December 7th in Milan in honor of the city’s patron. Around the church of Saint Ambrose there’s a market of crafts and typical products known as Oh Bej!, a scream that children gave as a sign of joy. This feast coincides with the inauguration of the Teatro alla Scala’s show season.

Ambrosian Carnival

The Ambrosian Carnival or Milan’s Carnival is one of Milan’s most astonishing events. It’s celebrated the weekend after the Carnival is celebrated around the globe. The reason is based on a legend that tells Bishop Saint Ambrose arrived late from a trip for the celebration of the beginning of Lent and the city waited for him. Since then, in Milan, Ash Wednesday is celebrated the following Sunday.
During these days, Milan becomes a city full of party and color but few are the Milanese who continue to wear the typical costume: the Meneghino. A costume that represents the protagonist of the Milanese tale and consists of a red jacket, green pants and red and white striped socks and a tricorne.

Tredesin de Mars

The Tredesin de Mars is a party celebrated on March 13th in Milan to welcome the good weather. The tradition tells that Saint Barnaba arrived to the city on March 13th and, because of his arrival, all the pagan temples collapsed and thousands of flowers blossomed in the city. Currently, a candy and flowers fair is held this day between Porta Romana and Porta Vigentina, along with a religious procession.

The Fair of the Flowers

Milan’s Fair of the Flowers is one of the city’s prettiest and most romantic parties. It’s celebrated in April and lasts only one day. These days, Milan’s florists expose their creations made with thousands of flowers in the Naviglio Grande. During a day, the streets of the canal become huge gardens. A beautiful show, worth watching.

Fashion Week

Milan’s Fashion Week is one of the most famous events worldwide. During a week of February, the city becomes a runway of unimaginable media impact where the world’s most prestigious brands and designers gather. The collections for the following year are shown here and Milan becomes the focus of fashion gurus. A great showcase with accessories and fashion only available to a few.

Liberation Day

The Party of Liberation is celebrated the 25th of April in Milan, in which the end of Nazism and the beginning of the new Italy is celebrated.  It’s commemorated differently in each city, with outdoor activities. In Milan, it often coincides with the Fair of the Flowers. This day, it’s normal to see Italia’s flag waving in the windows and balconies of the city.

Republic Party

On June 2nd the Party of the Republic is celebrated in Italy to remember the day that Italy converted to a republic after the era of fascism. It is one of the most important celebrations in the country and is celebrated all over, even though it is in Rome where the military parade is held.

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