Santa Teresa Beach

Santa Teresa Beach
Pic by Amilevin | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Costa Rica - Costa Rica

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
9°38'34.0"N 85°10'09.8"W
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The Saint Theresa Beaches is one of the coast areas of costa Rica that you have to visit. It is the paradise of many surfers, although this natural space adapts to every audience. The sunsets of this beach, located on the west of the country, in the Pacific, takes your breath away, and is one of the places where most people practice yoga. The water has an intense turquoise color, and is so wide that you will barely have a chance to be elbow to elbow with a stranger. There are many services near the beach, hotels and restaurants, in case you want to rest from the sun and stay away from the sand.


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