Bahía Ballena and Punta Uvita

Bahía Ballena and Punta Uvita
Pic by Tamifreed | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Costa Rica - Costa Rica

Bahía Ballena, Costa Rica
9°08'49.6"N 83°45'43.1"W
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Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) is a huge natural park of Costa Rica that joins the Pacific Ocean. This park is one of the best places to see the fauna of the country and one of most outstanding singularities is that, near the shore, dolphins and whales can be seen splashing the water –mostly on December and March-, a show that in other places in the world can be seen. Although these are not the only animals that you can see: the hermit crabs, the blue-footed booby or the iguanas also form part of this natural landscape. Also, in the area there are coral reefs, and one of the biggest peculiarities is that when the tides are low, a piece of land with the shape of a whale appears, one of the best places to have a good panoramic view of the sea.

Bahia Ballena includes various beaches and the ones that outstand are: Ventanas, Ballena Beach, Uvita Bay Beach and Piñuela Beach. In these beaches water activities can be practiced, like diving, sport fishing or snorkelling. It is also possible to visit these natural parks. To be able to enter the park, you have to pay the entrance fee, but the marine show is exceptional.


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