Biologycal reserve Cloudy Forest of Monteverde

Biologycal reserve Cloudy Forest of Monteverde
Pic by Guido Amrein | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Costa Rica - Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica
10°16'29.7"N 84°49'33.2"W
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Monteverde is one of the sanctuaries of Costa Rica, because of its wide fauna, also famous because of its cloudy forests. Its incredible natural diversity attracts tourists and naturalists interested in tropical biodiversity and it is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the country. The natural reserve extends in over 10,000 hectares, and to arrive, the roads aren’t paved, which makes the journey an adventure. To visit the park you have to get a ticket. It is advisable to hire a guide to give you a good orientation of the route, although the roads and trails are defined. Without a doubt, one of the most characteristic images of the park are the hanging bridges next to the zip wires, activities for those who can handle vertigo.. It is important to dress appropriately to visit this place: a good pair of shoes, clothes for the rain and a good windbreaker. With these, you are ready to be amazed by the wildest nature of Costa Rica.


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