Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park
Pic by Brizardh | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Costa Rica - Costa Rica

Quepos, Costa Rica
9°23'02.9"N 84°08'44.4"W
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The Manuel Antonio Natural Park is one of the most touristic areas in Costa Rica, and many consider its beaches to be the bests on the Pacific Coasts. Around the area, there are many species of monkeys and racoons that get close to the water, and many times they try to steal from the tourists… you have to be careful! Usually there’s a lot of activity in the park, mainly in the high touristic season, so we recommend you to visit it during the low season or working days. One of the things you must consider is that you have to pay an entrance fee if you want to travel around the park and understand a little bit of the fauna. We recommend you to hire a guide service, although these tour groups do tend to be big. In the area there is only a few rest stops, so we also recommend you to bring your own food, sunscreen, sunglasses, a good pair of shoes and a bathing suit.


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