Beaches of Taiwan

Beaches of Taiwan
Pic by Tom Wang |
Asia - Taiwan, Province of China[a] - Taipei

21°56'41.18"N 120°47'28.08"E
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Taiwan is one of the islands where there are some of the best beaches in Asia.

Taiwán es una de las islas donde hay algunas de las mejores playas de Asia. The subtropical weather always quiet warm or hot makes to feel like having beach plans all the time, specially during the sweltering days. The best period to swim is when the hot weather starts in the country, between May until October, but the hottestmonths are July and August.

In Taiwan there are many beaches from its North to its South which are worth to go to take a bath. Furthermore you can practice water sports in many of them, like the snorkel, windsurf, fishing, rafting etc… Same than its weather, every Taiwan beach looks a bit different depending on the zone. And never forget about the other islands around! There are some with golden and smooth sand, others with black sand or others filled with coral. The Southern beaches are usually more sunny but in the North there are also many beautiful spots. Some of the most famous beaches are:  Kenting beaches, Penghu islands Jibei Island, Honeymoon Bay (one of the favourites of the surfers), Baishawan beach, among others. Definetely, one of the best things you can do is asking to a Taiwanese which is the best place where to take a dip and what is the best place depending on what you are searching: enjoying, water activities, relax or any othe idea you have for your trip.


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