Santa Cruz neighborhood

Santa Cruz neighborhood
Pic by Tinamou | Dreamstime
Europe - Spain - Seville

Santa Cruz, 41004 Seville
37°23'11.2"N 5°59'31.1"W
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Along with Triana, Santa Cruz is one of the most popular and well-known neighborhoods of Seville. Its streets and colors of the facades give a very special and southern atmosphere to this part of the city. Formerly, the old Jewish quarter of the city was located there, along with the San Bartolomé. The area has passed through some sorrows and joys. After the expulsion of the Jews in the fifteenth century, it went through a few years of abandonment and neglect until, in the nineteenth century, people decided to renew and repopulate the area. This district is a maze where the point, like in every labyrinth, is to get lost. You can spend a whole morning walking through its streets and squares, watching every detail. It also has a wide range of bars and restaurants to grab a bite or drink. However, if you are going to visit it, pay attention to your stuff. The area has fame of people arriving with their wallets... and leaving without it!


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