Old Town Chiang Mai

Old Town Chiang Mai
Pic by Charles Gibson | Dreamstime
Asia - Thailand - Chiang Mai

18°47'15.8"N 98°59'09.6"E
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Chiang Mai's old town is clearly defined by both the walls and moat still surrounding the old city.It's an almost square figure and the wall, as in many other places, was used to protect the city, from the Burmese attacks in this case.Inside the walls there's one of Chiang Mai's most beautiful and special parts to discover with over 300 temples with Wat Chian Man, Wat Prha Singh or Wat Chedi Luang as some of the most important in the center. You can also visit the three kings monumentor walk around Suan Buak Park, a small park locatedwithin the area.
The best to do when visiting the area is to get lost around its streets -most of them pedestrian ones- with a map in the pocket, have something to eat in one of the street stalls and find some unexpected sight to contemplate. 


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