Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum
Pic by Mkmakingphotos
Europe - France - Paris
Web: Musée Rodin
79 Rue de Varenne,75007 Paris, France
48°51'19.1"N 2°18'57.0"E
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The Rodin Museum is one of the recommended places to visit in Paris. In it, works of the famous sculptor Rodin Augustin are displayed. Among them, probably the most famous one, is the statue of a bronze man with his chin resting on one hand, called "The Thinker". The building is neoclassical dated from the eighteenth century and is surrounded by a garden of three hectares decorated with some of his artworks. It is advisable to visit the museum when time permits, but the works of Rodin are so magnificent that it is quite popular and sometimes there are long queues. If you are visiting the capital of France, it is a good place to enjoy art.


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