Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg)

Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg)
Pic by Vit Kovalcik
Europe - France - Paris

Luxembourg Gardens, 86 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris, France
48°50'46.4"N 2°20'13.6"E
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The Luxembourg Gardens, popularly known as "Luco" are one of the treasures of Paris. Its gardens occupy over 20 hectares and the French Senate and the Luxembourg Palace are located within them. Although it is a private park, it's open to the public and has several areas designated for different activities such as running, walking, a space for children to play and there is even a puppet theater. There is also the possibility for kids to ride a pony or a donkey and move around the gardens. It is advisable to ride these animals once it's confirmed they aren't suffering and are well maintained.

The garden is a haven in the capital of France and makes it an ideal place to escape from the traffic and crowds of the city. It is very well maintained and has a big variety of trees, plants and flowers, that give color and life to this corner of Paris.


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