Panama Canal

Panama Canal
Pic by Mircea Dobre | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Panama - Panama
Web: Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá
Canal de Panamá, Panama City
8°59'47.0"N 79°35'30.1"W
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The Panama Canal is very important to Panama and the rest of the world because it is a navigation shortcut for many ships to move goods between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It was built in 1914 and is one of the most spectacular engineering works that have been done in the world’s history. Since its construction, the canal has been the key of the economic expansion in many regions of the world that were previously poorly connected and has also boosted economic growth in many countries. For locals, the channel is a pride that has led Panama to be a prime destination for traders that want to connect their products to the rest of the world, making it a country that must be cared for and indulged.
If you travel to Panama, the canal is a mandatory place to visit and a show is guaranteed: the ships have to coordinate with each other and almost do theatrical maneuvers to pass between the locks that the water draws with the land.
The Panama Canal has a museum which explains and teaches how it was constructed. It also has a small souvenir shop.  As a tip we recommend that if you decide to visit this architectural work, to do it early in the morning as it is a very popular tourist attraction and gets very crowded.
Another good place to closely experience the movement of these ships in the Panama Canal is on Lake Gatun. It used to be the location where boats rest before their turn to pass through the canal but this is not its only attraction: from the lake you can come into contact with monkeys, birds, otters, alligators ... and a tropically lush vegetation that runs along the coastline.


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