Panama Beaches

Panama Beaches
Pic by Simondannhauer | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Panama - Panama

8°27'58.3"N 79°57'18.5"W
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The beaches of Panama are basically the dream of anyone who is passionate about the sea.It is no coincidence that many reality shows, travel agencies and landscape magazines choose the islands and coasts of Panama to capture the best photos or set an idyllic environment in front of the cameras. Both in the Caribbean and in the Pacific there are thousands of places where you can take a dip in crystalline waters and it is impossible to list them all. We will mention a few from the extensive list: Boca Chica, San Blas Islands -Guna Yala-, Santa Catalina and Coiba Island, Perlas Islands, Bocas del Toro, Las Estrellas Beach, Rana Roja Beach, El Palmar, santa Clara, Rio Mar, Las Lajas, Blanca Beach, Coronado Beach, Larga Beach, Bella Vista Beach ... let’s stop here because if not you're going to spend all day reading beaches names. The best advice is that once you are there, ask some Panamanian what is the best place to go because they will take into account the season, the rains and the wind. Have a good trip!


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