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Central America + Caribbean - Panama - Panama

Boquete, Panamá
8°46'37.5"N 82°26'58.3"W
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Boquete is one of the most mentioned locations by Panamanians and tourists within Panama inlands to see nature at its purest. Bajo Boquete is the capital district and although it is not as idyllic as the environment that surrounds it, it does not mean that the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding villages are not friendly and welcoming. The cheerful and passionate character of Panamanians is in their genes. The district of Boquete is popular, among other things, because it has milder weather than other parts of the country. In addition; it is in the foothills of the central mountain range. Nearby, the Baru Volcano stands out because it is the highest elevation in Panama with more than 3,400 meters high.
Boquete is a ​​flower, plant, vegetable, fruit and coffee area. On the territory there are many farms that are dedicated to coffee cultivation. There is nothing better than a nice cup of coffee with the locals facing a dreamscape or under a porch during the tropical rain. In addition, the entire environment is set for activities such as climbing, rafting, hiking and scuba diving. Boquete is a good getaway destination where you can spend a few days away from the typical routine.


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