Old Panama

Old Panama
Pic by Jacek Kadaj | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Panama - Panama

Panamá Viejo, Panamá
9°00'20.6"N 79°29'30.6"W
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Old Panama is the old city where the country's capital used to be and was the first place where Europeans settled when they stepped on the American continent. The city was in operation from 1519 until 1671, but the English pirate Henry Morgan and his sailors burned it down and the area was destroyed. Today, the buildings that survived are the archaeological remains of what this first city was. It’s located 10 km southwest of the current capital.
In Old Panama there is a museum that serves as a starting point to visit the rest of the city and one of the worthy things to do is to climb the tower to see the remains of the collapsed buildings. A contrast is seen since the new buildings and skyscrapers in Panama City are in the background.


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