Kuna Yala (Guna Yala)

Kuna Yala (Guna Yala)
Pic by Simondannhauer | Dreamstime
Central America + Caribbean - Panama - Panama

Guna Yala, Panamá
9°20'24.7"N 78°24'11.3"W
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Kuna Yala is a very popular region that spans all over the Caribbean coast of Panama and the surrounding islands -more than 360 degrees-it’s popular because of its beaches and because it is an indigenous region. There are dozens of communities living in this part of the country that still maintain their traditions and customs which must be respected at all costs.
The area is also known as San Blas and the highlights are the best-preserved and protected coral reefs in the Caribbean and Central Bioregion. In addition to visiting the reefs, each year especially during the dry season-April to December- tourists are attracted to visit the region because of its white sandy beaches, the warm sun and clear waters. The drizzles are common in the area; It is not coincidence that the vegetation is so green! This weather however doesn’t last past the rainy season. Kuna Yala can be reached by plane, land or boat. If you go by land it is best to go in a organized tour with a SUV because of its uneven, exotic and wild terrain.


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