Waterfront V&A

Waterfront V&A
Pic by Fotiquephotography | Dreamstime
Africa - South Africa - Cape Town
Web: V&A Waterfront
Breakwater Blvd, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002, South Africa
33°54'12.5"S 18°25'14.0"E
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Cape Town's Waterfront V&A is an alternative option to the malls we know in the West. What makes this place special is that local shops are on docks, which creates a very special maritime environment. Many of the buildings date back to the eighteenth century and they host a number of markets, craft products, shops, bars and restaurants.
This is one of the most important places of the South African city and you don't need to shop to enjoy your visit. It also allows you to calmly walk near the sea. In addition, product's prices are very affordable and is one of the best places to taste South African cuisine cooked by Cape Town chefs. It is important to note that Waterfront V&A is open from 9 am. to 9:00pm, so it is important to organize yourself to visit this place.
Also, this place is where the boat to Robben Island sails.


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