Santa Cruz district

Santa Cruz district
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Europe - Spain - Alicante

Carrer del Carmen, 17, 03002, Alicante, Spain
38°20'47.8"N 0°28'53.2"W
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The Santa Cruz neighborhood is one the most charming places of Alicante. It’s right next to the Santa Bárbara castle and works as a bridge between the fortification and the old town of Alicante. The neighborhood has a very special sailor air: almost all houses are white with painted colorful and full of potted flowers and tiles. Neighbors care to detail neighborhood streets and it shows.

It’s advisable to go with the right gear because the neighborhood is up on the top, near the castle. There is a lookout with great views of the bay and Alicante plus a small chapel is the most beautiful of the whole city. From this chapel during Holy Week, comes one of the most anticipated processions throughout Alicante.


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