Costa Blanca (White Coast): Alicante beaches

Costa Blanca (White Coast): Alicante beaches
Pic by Lunamarina | Dreamstime
Europe - Spain - Alicante

Costa Blanca, Spain
8°21'47.1"N 0°26'42.8"W
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Alicante is a Spanish city facing the Mediterranean Sea and has some of the best beaches on the coast and is the province with the most blue flags of the country. The area is known as the Costa Blanca and is one of the main centers of tourism, area with wide beaches and shallow waters with warm temperatures. The entire assembly makes tourism one of the most important economic activities of the place and that is why there are several options to spend a few days on the beach. La Playa San Juan, the Albufereta or the Postuguet are some of the most popular in the city but there are other places that are also well known as the coves of Cabo de la Huerta, the Almadraba beach, beach Saladares-Urbanova or Tabarca, the first marine reserve that was created in Spain.

But in summer the beaches are filled with alicantinas people certainly is a good place to go on vacation and have all services and activities nearby.


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