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Europe - Spain - Alicante

Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
38°32'30.5"N 0°07'22.0"W
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Benidorm is one of the cities on the Mediterranean coast better known throughout Spain. In just over half a century what was a fishing village today has become a city of impressive leisure and tourism that receives every year thousands of tourists. Benidorm has two main beaches: Poniente and Levante, plus a fairly large boardwalk usually full during the summer months and still maintains certain air of Mediterranean people.

The city has all the amenities of any other metropolis but a great because, leaving aside the sea, has a very extensive nightlife and entertainment with bars and clubs for all tastes. The buildings in this city brings the attention because they are very high and it’s said that Alicante city is the one with all of Spain’s skyscrapers, in addition to hostels and hotels around every corner.

Another thing that stands out in Benidorm is the amount of terraces of bars and restaurants that are scattered throughout the city. Everywhere you look there is always a beer and tapa on a table.


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