Baños de la Reina, Campello - Illeta Banyets

Baños de la Reina, Campello - Illeta Banyets
Pic by Jesús Alenda y Antonio Aliaga | Dreamstime
Europe - Spain - Alicante

Partida Almadrava 14, 172, 03560 El Campello, Alicante, Spain
38°25'55.8"N 0°22'53.9"W
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"Los Baños de la Reina de El Campello", or "la Illeta dels Banyets" is an outdoor archaeological site located on the peninsula of Campello. It is a very interesting location because ancient Roman fishing hatcheries even remains in the site and also there are still some objects from the Bronze Age or the Iberian era are preserved. The place is very curious because the clear water contrast with the surroundings, it is full of small walls that make saltwater pools where a dip stick is allowed. Bathing there is something curious, among other things because the waves practically do not get to cross the walls which means there is little movement in the water. The place can be visited for a small fee and is easy to drive and to park in a vacant lot next door.


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