Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace
Pic by Mistervlad |
Europe - Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg
Web: Tzar
Garden St, 7, Pushkin, San Petersburgo Rusia, 196601
59°42'58.0"N 30°23'44.9"E
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Also in the outskirts of the city, in the city of Pushkin, you will find the building which was the Summer house of the Russian Tsars, known as the Catherine Palace or the Tsarskoye Selo. This palace is one of the most beautiful in Russia and you can’t miss it while you are in Saint Petersburg.

The palace has many buildings and parks. The biggest building is around 340 metres long and its façades are decorated with columns, picture windows and ornaments with the typical colours of the Baroque style in Russia: blue, white and golden.

Probably the most famous part of this visit for the tourists is the Amber room. This room is considered the 8th world wonder, so you can imagine how much spectacular it is. It is competely full of amber panels which shine with the sun light and make the room a real jew.

A part from the palaces, we recommend you to walk around the parks and avenues which connect the buildings of the palace, because all this group is declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

If you want to see more you can visit some attractions in Pushkin, like the Alexandrovsky Palace, where the family of the last Tsar lived.


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